Epic Burgers

Epic Burgers


Who can resist a Shake Shack burger?

IMO no one! But, we can’t eat out every night! I think we should all be able to make shack-worthy burgers at home. So, I'm inviting you to come hang out in the kitchen with me while we make burgers inspired by my favorite chain, with all the sauces, french fries OF COURSE, and a round of cold beers.

It wouldn't be a class from a butcher if we didn't grind our own meat and we're going to add a little secret ingredient to the mix: some super smoky bacon!

In this class, I'll also walk you through how you can grind your own meats for burgers at home, the cuts I prefer to use for burgers, and the secret to the perfect french fry. Super big bonus: you'll get to take 4 patties home to cook for friends and family! 

The details:

  • Saturday, August 25 from 3-7 PM.

  • Held at 525 East Colorado Blvd in Pasadena, inside the New School of Cooking campus.

  • Having fun is mandatory.

  • Kids over the age of 12 are welcome with a parent.

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