We're a one woman operation.

So, that 'we' is really an I- I butcher the meat, do the book keeping, maintain this website, get back to your emails (sometimes not promptly), work our farmers market stand, and roll out the dough for those famous chicken pot pies. When you call the business, you're calling my personal cell phone. As I work in conjunction with the New School of Cooking, I often have budding culinary students around to help me get everything done. Nothing could happen for Bavette without Ryan- my boyfriend, financial backer, podcast producer, and one-man IT department. All this is to say, we have no real financial backers, no major investors, and whenever you're dealing with the company, you're dealing with me- founder & owner Melissa. Hand on heart, I started this company with $26.00 and a dream.

We don't have a storefront.

Sometimes this is hard. I know that you- my customers- want to come and visit us whenever because life is so busy and it's hard to plan with how jam-packed our schedules can feel. Bavette isn't as convenient as Whole Foods or Trader Joe's. I get it- I have a busy, jam-packed life too! 

Nonetheless, owning and running a retail butchery storefront is extremely expensive and inefficient. Having to fill those cases with meat day in and day out! I prefer to maintain an inventory of perfectly butchered, frozen, vacuum sealed meats that you can order from me online and pickup. Using this model, I have virtually eliminated wasted product from my business and not wasting well-raised food is something about which we can all feel good.

Sometimes we deliver!

For holidays and other times of the year when delivery is possible for me, I do offer to do it on Sunday mornings. Stay tuned for that! Nothing is more convenient. The only way to find out about future delivery dates is to sign up for our email list and follow us on instagram and/or facebook.