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What makes our meat different?

Lots of things! First, we strive for complete transparency. If you can’t go to visit the ranch or talk with the rancher, we don’t buy from them. On the topic of ranchers, we make it a priority to support ranchers who are invested in soil regeneration and environmental stewardship, as well as humane animal husbandry. None of the meat that we source is ever fed GMO corn or soy, and all the meat is 100% pasture-raised, meaning the animals are outside on pasture 100% of the time, and have the space to engage in their natural behaviors.

Secondly, we are artisan butchers schooled in old-world techniques. This means we cut our meat by hand, with the utmost care to the quality and flavor of the cuts. We cut and package our product immediately and, as a result, you will notice that it lasts significantly longer in the refrigerator than meat bought almost anywhere else.

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What are “provisions”?

We call anything we make that isn’t raw meat a provision. We have a few categories of provisions, though.

Firstly, we have our bone broths and stocks. We make a variety of different bone broths, some best suited for sipping or using as a soup base and some well-suited for cooking.

Secondly, we make a variety of artisan style charcuterie products. Chicken liver mousse, terrines, rillettes, and more all fall in this category.

Thirdly, we make what we call “dinner helpers.” Because, let’s face it, everyone feels super busy, all the time. Also, we’ve noticed that most of our customers are working families, who want to eat healthy meat but may not always have the time for from-scratch cooking. That’s where we come in! We have a variety of kid-friendly and adult-approved soups, pot pies, meatballs, and other products designed to make dinner quick and easy when you need it.


Where is your storefront?

Up until December of 2018, we didn’t have one! Now, you can come and visit us in person, though it’s still a nontraditional experience.

Here’s the thing, running a storefront with a case full of perishable meat 24/7 is not efficient or sustainable for us right now. But, we know that you wanted to be able to shop in person. So, we’ve opened the doors to our production facility two days per week- Fridays and Saturdays- and you can now come and shop our selection then. Note, however, that product will be packaged and frozen- for the most part- but you can also email us to request any special cuts.

Get more info on visit us here.

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