We sell humanely-raised, traceable meat you can trust.



Who Are We?


Bavette is a small team made up of women who care about the meat we eat. We believe in: honesty, transparency, community, and quality.

How Do I Order?


We call ourselves a “nontraditional butchery.” Whatever you call us, it’s helpful to read our order guidelines before you place your first order.

Where Can I Find You?


Our most commonly asked question! We don’t have a traditional retail storefront. Click below to learn why and see a list of places and times you can find us.



“We absolutely love what you’re doing and have a profound respect for your dedication and work ethic. Keep up the amazing work! We are always so happy as are our palates with all the goodies we get from you. For me it’s also peace of mind that what I’m putting in my body has been ethically raised and is in line with my beliefs. ”