How it works

Shop our online store.

If you see something available online, it is yours to order. We have no order deadlines. 

If you are looking for something that you don't see in our website, please email us to place a special order. Chances are, we can get anything you need, but we may require a small lead time to procure and cut it.

Of course, you can always simply come to one of the events marked on our calendar and shop what we have. No need to preorder online unless you must have a specific item.

Place your order.

To place your order, you simply place all your items in your online cart and fill out the information at checkout. While our checkout page does require a "shipping address," we generally only truly need that for deliveries and tracking orders.

The most important element at checkout is selecting your pickup location. Depending on where you live, you'll want to select our Culver City pickup on Sunday mornings, the Altadena Farmers Market on Wednesday evenings, or our Pasadena location on Saturday afternoons. Each option shows the date you'll be able to pickup your order, and the time. Please select the option that works for you. All upcoming pickup dates are listed on our calendar.

If you are placing an order and none of those options works, you can choose "by arrangement with Melissa." This option is reserved for friends and family, and anyone who is flexible about how and when they'll get their order. We will find a way to get it to you, but it may take a little longer than usual!

Pick up your order.

You'll receive a confirmation email in your inbox. Hang on to it to remember when to pick up your order. We'll have everything ready for you on the day and time you selected.