Ten Ways To Use Our Toasted Garlic Chili Tallow

Cooking with animal fats is something that has fallen out of favor, though it used to be quite common before the advent of processed, shelf-stable oils. Recently, however, some studies have shown that cooking with natural animal fats may be better for our health than cooking with processed oils. In addition, cooking with animal fats allows us to make use of the whole animal, respecting the life it gave us and the resources and time it took to raise the animal.

We render our tallow carefully so as to avoid an overly beefy or strong flavor. Then we strain it and cook it very gently again with tons and tons of sliced garlic and chili flake. The resulting fat is aromatic and smooth. Here are a few of my favorite ways to use it, in case you’re feeling uninspired or are unfamiliar with cooking with tallow:

  1. Melt a bit of it and toss with cut potatoes. Roast at a high temperature until nice and golden brown.

  2. Use it instead of oil to sear your steaks.

  3. Use it instead of oil or butter to start your beef stews and braised beef dishes.

  4. Use to caramelize onions and then use those onions to start a French onion soup or top your burgers.

  5. Use to start your chilis and meat sauces.

  6. Melt and brush on buns and bread before toasting for burgers and other warm sandwiches.

  7. Use to fry breaded things: chicken fried steak, cutlets, chicken

  8. Melt and toss over broccoli. Roast until well caramelized and then toss with more toasted garlic and chili flakes.

  9. Melt and add as many garlic cloves as will fit in the fat. Cook at a very low temperature until garlic is very soft but not browned. Use garlic cloves wherever you’d like- on pizzas, for garlic bread, in baked potatoes, etc.

  10. Add cold tallow and sliced shallots to a heavy bottomed pan. Turn on the heat and cook at medium temperature until shallots are well-browned. Remove them from the heat and drain on a towel. Season with salt. Use to top burgers, add crunch to salads, or top a beautiful steak.

Send us pictures of your creations using our beef tallow! We love to see what you’re up to.