Our Team

Small but mighty.

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Melissa cortina

Melissa is the heart, soul, and most of the labor of Bavette. Chances are, if you contact us, you're speaking with her directly. She trained all over, from Rialto restaurant in Boston to Macelleria Cecchini in Tuscany before returning to Los Angeles to manage Lindy & Grundy's meats. She's passionate about increasing accessibility to well-raised meat, and believes that healthy food should be available to everyone, not just the wealthy.


Ryan beagan

Reluctant investor and occasional employee, Ryan's true passion lies in the field of virtual production and motion capture for big budget film and video games. He lends his trained eye to all aspects of our media and design, and happily eats all the meats. Sometimes, Ryan delivers our meats so, if you see him, feel free to ask about his real career.

Helena Takeuchi

Helena is our current kitchen helper, and a recent graduate of the New School of Cooking. She works hard and says 'okay' to everything we ask her to do, and that's why we like her so much.

Future Meathead


Future meathead