Bavette Meat & Provisions combines old world butchery with modern life in Los Angeles, working with some of the best ranchers in California to bring pasture-raised, hand-cut meats directly to your door.

We are so much more than a butcher shop.


We're people who are passionate about bringing you and your family the best quality, healthiest meat out there, and doing it in a way that doesn't damage the environment or harm the animal.


We love to see you in person!


If you want to meet us before you order delivery, or just come by to sample one of our popular meat pies and sausage rolls, we love catching up with our customers at our two farmers markets in Pasadena and Altadena. If you prefer, you can place your order online to pick up in person at the market.


Our ranchers are committed to the health of their animals and the environment.

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Get to know the people who raise the animals that become a part of your daily meals. 

Our blog takes the stress out of daily meals.


In Italian, Quinto Quarto refers to the fifth quarter of the animal carcass- the offal, head, tail, and other parts we don't eat quite as often anymore. We like to think of it as also referring to the fifth quarter of our lives, aside from work, social engagements, health, and family, that has to do with nourishing ourselves through great food. We use the blog to talk about all kinds of things, from everyday cooking to how to calibrate your meat thermometer.


We specialize in handmade meat pies & provisions that simplify and elevate your everyday meals.


We use the finest quality farmers market produce and organic flours and dairy to make our beloved meat pies and other provisions. Products like meatballs, ragus, soups, and tartares make it easy for you to cook great, healthful meals at home, even when life gets busy.


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